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About Abou Ali


Founded in 1952, Abou Ali with offices in Port Said and Cairo and representation in Alexandria, Damietta and Suez has become Egypt’s leading maritime law firm as well as a renowned law firm in many other practice areas. We are admitted to the practice of law in Egypt and have significant international dimension through our close relationships with well-known U.S., Japanese and European law firms and companies as well as major P&I associations.

Our Practice


Abou Ali brings together the experience and expertise of professionals with diverse educational, legal, business and maritime backgrounds. Through the years, Abou Ali worked extensively and considerably in maritime services including: admiralty claims, cargo claims, collision claims, and claims before the Suez Canal Authority, maritime insurance, port development projects and privatization, maritime and shipping regulatory and transactional matters, ship financing, and registrations. Abou Ali has become a specialist in all aspects of shipping law and practice involving vessels using the Suez Canal and trading to and from all Egyptian ports. Abou Ali has been chosen to act as a P&I correspondent since 1981.

P&I Department


In 1986, Abou Ali began to conduct its P&I commercial and legal matters through its “Maritime Services Department”, with its two sections – Section I & II – each having its own rates. Section I deals with P&I commercial matters while Section II deals with P&I legal matters.


Abou Ali’s commercial staff comes from, and has significant, legal and/or maritime background and discipline. Accordingly, we are able to offer a comprehensive investigating, negotiating and settlement services based on the close association we maintain with our people.

Quality of Service


We are confident that we are able and eager to provide an excellent and prompt service in a highly professional manner. We strongly believe that widening the scope of our representation will be to the mutual benefit and would be helpful in ensuring effective and economic performance, while maintaining our unrivaled quality in the area.

Clients’ Interest:


In the shipping business, due to the complexity of matters and the involvement of various parties, conflict situations may arise. We are confident that we are able to act with total excellence and divestiture ensuring that our clients' current and future interests are fully covered and protected without compromise.